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Nutrition Counseling

We are here to help you make long-term changes to your eating pattern and nutritional intake. We do not deal with short term solutions instead we make you an integral part of the change process.

We develop your nutrition plan with you based on your goals and your lifestyle. We will address not only what you eat, but also how you eat throughout the day since this too affects your energy level, your weight and your metabolism. We will hold you responsible for making changes but also provide strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Each program is unique. You as the foremost authority on what you want out of life, take an active role in custom designing your own program, to suit your needs and desired outcomes. You choose the format from the described options below that best fits into your life. Your nutrition coach offers inspiration, guidance and the benefit of experience as you journey toward attaining your goals; living your dream. Your optimistic, motivated, dedicated participation makes a recipe for success.

Our programs are not diets based on deprivation. They teach you step by step how to make modifications in the way you eat and the way you exercise so that your metabolism is enhanced.

We do not present our programs as a cure, but rather as education that will empower you to start moving in the direction you’d like.

Choose the program that best suits your goals and lifestyle. In the case that you have not found what you are looking for email us your concern atyoucandoit@diatrofologos.com and we will take it from there.




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