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About us:
What does it take to be unique among a legion of well-known nutritionists? Maria Byron Panayidou knows that it is a well defined vision of excellence, core ethical values and a determination to be the best.  This is what sets www.diatrofologos.com on the top of the list.

www.diatrofologos.com was founded in response to the new way of life, which finds many of us office-bound, materialized out of a passion to embrace and experience life to the fullest and is dedicated to helping you learn how to live the present and shape the future. The founder, Maria Byron Panayidou, is a Nutrition Consultant (B.Sc., M.A. Nutrition) who is armed with a 15-year experience. The unparalleled team of accredited experienced professionals www.diatrofologos.com making up is aimed at bringing health in your body, happiness in your life, prosperity in your business, and thus cultivating peace between mind and body.
Vision: A healthier tomorrow.
Mission: Our mission is to re-educate your body and empower your mind in order to live the life you deserve.
Purpose: Our purpose in life and business is to inspire and support you in your development and the one thing that people say sets us apart is the passion and enthusiasm we demonstrate and the great thing about passion and enthusiasm is that it is highly infectious!
Philosophy: Our philosophy is to stay one step ahead while keeping a steady eye on the future.
Focus: Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine said: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. www.diatrofologos.com shares that goal and focuses on helping you use the power of food to achieve and maintain excellent health.
Approach: Our approach is to address the problem of unhealthy lifestyles in a positive and proactive way.
Beliefs:  We believe that having objective people around who respect you and are focused on your progress and happiness facilitates growth, progress and ultimately life happiness. We further believe that nutrition affects physical growth and intellectual development thus we work in a highly personalized and collaborative way to bring about the absolute best results.
  • To empower you to make health and self care a top priority in your life.
  • To help you feel better, have more energy and radically improve your life.
  • To provide the means for sustainable results.
  • To educate you so that you can take responsibility for improving your own health and controlling your own lives.
  • To teach you strategies to master your emotional state and maintain your momentum.
  • To guide you through breaking limiting beliefs and turning them into powerful patterns.
  • To provide on-going education and inspiration in the form of seminars, lectures, workshops, courses, tele-classes etc.
  • According to Emerson: “Our chief want in life is someone who will make us does what we can”. Our goal therefore is to fulfill this want by helping you perform at the peak of your abilities. 
Maria Byron Panayidou
B.Sc. M.A. Nutrition

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